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Wah position switching Empty Wah position switching

Post  Si_mxr_chapman on Tue Sep 13, 2011 8:19 am

Having played guitar for several years now I have built up a small collection of pedals, a TU-3, Crybaby Original, Marshall Regenerator, TR-2 and Behringer Digital Delay, all run through the series effects loop on my amp (a tube/mosfet Randall). Having experimented recently with the placement of the Crybaby, I have found that I love both placements Pre and Post overdrive. Being in a fairly regular covers band, the use of both tones would be useful. So to my question, is there a method of switching so that I may change the position of the wah in the signal chain without physically disconnecting it and reconnecting it before the amp's input?

I've tried mapping out different switch combinations on paper with no results.

All suggestions and ideas appreciated.

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