New member - tell me about my vsa590

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New member - tell me about my vsa590 Empty New member - tell me about my vsa590

Post  StreakyPete on Wed Oct 16, 2013 9:03 am

Hi everyone, I'm new here, and I'm glad I found this forum - loads of good topics for me to catch up on.
Here's my story - I got sick of my old Epi LP (even tho I had completely replaced all electrics), and swapped it on Gumtree for a vsa590 about a year or so ago. You know what, I've hardly played it since then!  Not entirely my fault, as I got sick (heart problems), but I'm much better now, and have re-discovered this Vintage guitar that I know nothing about.

It's pretty new, and would probably benefit from being set-up properly by someone who knows what he's doing.   I had a 'go' at it, but I'm afraid my skills don't lie in that department. If it's in tune at the open and twelfth, it sounds slightly 'iffy' at the mid positions. Maybe a quick twist of the Allen key would do the trick, but I'll let a luthier work his magic on it.

I haven't really tried it through my L6 Valve amp yet - She who Must Be Obeyed won't let me have it in the house (!!), and our band practice sessions are so tight for time, I don't get a flippin' chance.  Those P500's are powerful though!!! When I plug the 590 into my wee practice amp after having used my Strat, the speakers just about jump out of the cabinet!

So, any kind 590 owners out there able to tell me how good (or bad) the 590 really is?  I'd appreciate any comments - would you buy another one if yours got nicked?  how stable are those Grovers?  how low would you set the action?
I should say that I love the feel of the guitar, and it looks amazing. Importantly, it does a decent job of hiding my beer belly too.

Thanks for reading, sorry if I went on a bit.


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