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Post  zapbass on Sun Oct 28, 2012 11:28 pm

I have a Vintage VRA 400 Resonator acoustic guitar. It plays like a dream ! But the time has come to "Bug" it and before i can buy the pick up i need to know if on either the cone or spider there is a screw (which there should be) to secure the pick up?
The pick up is only a wire with a loop at one end ( onto screw) and a female jack at the other. Trouble is it's £140+ and i dont wanna import from USA to find it won't work.
Now i know your gonna say to just open it up and take a look but it really aint that simple and i've been warned that messing about inside a Resonator can cause all sorts of problems.
so, in short. i'd love to get hold of a spec sheet or feedback from any other owners - thank yoooooooo !!


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