Vintage players forum rules (please read)

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Vintage players forum rules (please read) Empty Vintage players forum rules (please read)

Post  Admin on Wed Jul 06, 2011 5:17 am

This forum is meant for discussion relating to the Vintage guitar brand (made by JHS) and other guitar/music related topics. Please could everyone ensure threads are posted in the relevant forums. e.g. if you want to talk about amplifiers post under the "Lets talk amplification" forum.

If you want to talk about anything off-topic, please feel free to do so in the "General discussion" forum. There are no restrictions on topics as long as you keep it clean and do not break any of the following forum rules. We don't want hinder free speech we just want the forum to remain respectable and fun for everyone.

RULES (common sense mostly)

1. Please do not abuse, bully, harass or insult other members/admin/non-members.

2. Discrimination, of any sort, is strictly forbidden. Lets keep it friendly.

3. Do not attempt to exploit other members for personal gain.

4. Please use one user account only. Multiple accounts undermine the forum and will be removed.

5. Selling/trading/swapping items that are not related to music is not permitted.

6. All "FOR SALE" posts must be added under the Market place and contain a price. Please do not ask for offers. We take no responsibility for any sales or trades made. As far as the forum is concerned, you are on your own and do so at your own risk.

7. Do not post empty or "filler" posts. This wastes space and can be annoying to other members.

8. Do not use false identities or attempt to deceive forum members/admin.

9. Please could we all use the forum language of English so the majority of users can understand what it being said.

Admin members can remove any posts that they feel contravene any of the about rules. Anyone who breaks the rules may be warned or have their membership removed and user account deleted at any time without notice.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions regarding the forum rules please post them and we will discuss it. We want the Vintage Guitar Players forum to be open to new ideas and we are determined to grow with our members.

Thanks to everyone for using the Vintage players forum

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