For those having trouble posting photo's or images

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For those having trouble posting photo's or images

Post  Admin on Thu Jul 28, 2011 4:30 am

I had an email asking how to post images.

At present we have no facility to upload pictures as the forum does not have enough web space for the number of images us guitarists like to post. Instead you will need to upload the images to another site e.g. Photobucket or Flickr and share the images using the following steps:

> First upload your image to your chosen site (as explained above)
> Copy the direct image URL (web address)
> Click on the image/photo button above (it's the little button with a photo of a tree on it)
> Paste your image URL in to the text box that appears
> Click ok and a link should appear in your post
> Click on "Preview" before you post to make sure the image appears
> Click on "Send" to post once you are happy

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